Sifu Ademilson dos Reis 
華德虎 O Duan VII 
Headmaster of De Hu Ngo Cho Kun kung fu club has been involved in Ngo Cho Kun for more than 20 years his dedication to the art has been very outstanding at present he still continues to teach Ngo Cho Kun together with Chief Instructor Renata Silva and Instructor Michael Silva.
Chief Instructor Renata Silva  
席娜鶴 Oduan III
Headmistress of Fei Long Ngo Cho Kun Club
Chief Instructor Michael Silva
 席天虎 O Duan II
Assistant Headmaster of Fei Long Ngo Cho Kun Club

Vitor winning one Gold for Sang Dao weapon, Silver for Da Dao weapon and Bronze for hand form Song Sui at the 2015 Nov. 12- 15 International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation competition at Quanzhou Fujian China.


Brazil Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Chapter

Special recognition for Sifu Ademilson's, Chief Instructors Renata and Michael for their great efforts in spreading and preserving Goh Cho Kun awarded by Kong Han Martial Arts Club Main Headquarters Manila Philippines presented at Quanzhou Fujian China on June 16, 2013



2012 Sao Jao Sao Paolo Brazil KH