1991 special 1st place award from PROC Wu Shu Assn. for traditional kung fu participation

with my Sifu DR. Lo King Hui and team mate Gary Kua.

1993 special recognition award from Kong Han presented by Senior Chief Instructor Chua Kian Tiak







In the 1970's kung fu was made famous by Bruce Lee thanks to his several movies in which kung fu is portray just how weak and ineffective it is against other martial arts. In his movies the sole savior of kung fu will be Bruce Lee a gifted kung fu fighter a one of a hundred kung fu fighters it would be Bruce Lee saving kung fu from total humiliation and defeat against all other martial arts in which in his movies kung fu was getting all their butt kick.

Bruce Lee's movie portrayal of kung fu weaknesses is actually not too far fetch in reality it is pretty much accurate kung fu had a poor ratings and success in ring fighting.

In 1975 - 1978 organizers in the Philippines started an open national martial art competition called Karate-Arnis Pilipino sponsored by Sports Development of the Philippines. It is an open style martial art competition open to every known style such as boxing, tae kwan do, karate, judo, wrestling, kung fu every style of fighters are welcome to compete and have a chance to become the national grand champion.

The rules are like today's mix martial arts punching, kicking, elbow, knee, take-downs are all allowed except for none stop grappling after a take-down follow up techniques are allowed within 10 seconds either to pound or execute submission techniques.

Fighters wear boxing gloves and body armor. Several kung fu fighters enter this competition 90% suffer humiliating and embarrassing defeat many could not advance to the second or 3rd rounds or reach the championship or grand championship.

To become a Grand Champion a fighter had to fight every week for 6 weeks against all challengers go undefeated for six times the fighter becomes a champion and advance to the Grand Championship to fight with other champions the right to become the Grand Champion. 

It was in watching just how so many kung fu fighters were so unsuccessful and just how kung fu reputation was spreading in a negative way that motivated and gave me the tenacity to enter this national tournament the Karate-Arnis Pilipino in 1977.

Thanks to all my kung fu classmates, instructors, Grandmaster Dr. Lo King Hui and most of all to God that I not only survived to defeat the defending champion but also succeeded to fend off all 9 challengers to become the National Grand Champion in 1978. 

In my fighting retirement I pass on my knowledge to my students always reminding them the true essence of kung fu it is either they train for physical fitness, for self defense, for combat, for sports, for performances, for preserving a piece of history or for social interaction it is all up to their intention and goal.





Righteousness, Loyalty, Courage, Benevolent, Honest


My name is Sifu Daniel Kun 師傅鄞萬人 born in Manila Philippines. I started my kung fu training in 1975 at age 17 at Philippine Kong Han Athletic Club  under the late Grand Master Dr. Lo King Hui 盧慶輝 . In 1977-78 I competed and became the national Jr. lightweight champion in free style martial arts at the Philippine National Karate Arnis Tournament. I was the youngest fighter at age 19, without any ring experience I succeeded in defeating the six times defending champion and I succeeded in defending my title against eight challengers.

Thanks to my teacher the late GM Dr. Lo King Hui and my fellow Sihing (seniors) and Sisai (classmates) I was able to prepared myself to successfully apply Ngo Cho Kun fighting techniques the ferocity, tenacity, explosiveness and concentrated techniques found in Sam Chien三戰, Di Sip Kun 二十拳, Si Mun Pah Kat 四門打角, Song Sui , Di Tzat 札,and Goh Toh Tim Taoh 五肚勝頭 these are the forms that I was training on in preparation to compete. 

In 1980 I was promoted to Chief Instructor and in 1983 to Senior Chief Instructor. I continue to be active in Kong Han taking part in several local and overseas convention and competitions. In 1995 me and my young family migrated to Canada, I continue to self train, stay in touch with my Kong Han Si-hing and Si-sai, further my research and study of Ngo Cho Kun and other martial arts I took active part in Canada martial art events such as the Can-Am West Coast Tournament and the Tiger Balm International Martial Arts Tournament. I am a member of the Wu Shu BC and Headmaster of Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Assn. BC Canada and member of The International South Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Federation in Quanzhou Fujian China.

In 2016 I publish my first book "Kong Han Ngo Cho" a 420 page book contents include history of Ngo Cho Kun, hand forms Sam Chien, Tien Te Lin Chien, Di Sip Kun, Si Mun Pah Kat and weapons Da Dao and Goh Tsio Kuhn (five foot staff)

Available at Amazon.com or purchase directly from me for US$35.00 + shipping

My second book Book II 2019 include the Five Power concept, the kicking of concept og Goh Cho, Chui Sut or Chin Na in Goh Cho, supplemental workouts and exercises, the Single Dagger, Sang Te Pi and Sam Chien Sip Di hand form. US$35.00 + shipping

I have a full time day job as a career 4th degree Power Engineer building supervisor and in the evening my vocation in teaching Goh Cho Kun kung fu.


Essence of Goh Cho Kuhn Kung Fu