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Sifu Daniel Kun 9th O-Duan, in Feb. 26, 2010 was confirm by the International Wu Chu Chuan Union at Quanzhou City, Fujian province China.

Sifu Daniel born in Manila City Philippines, has been involve in ngo cho kun and a member of Kong Han Athletic club since 1975. He became an assistant instructor at age 21 and at age 22 in 1980 became a full instructor. In 1995 Sifu  Daniel relocated to Vancouver, Canada.  Without abandoning his Kong Han roots Sifu Daniel continue his research, study and training in ngo cho kun and remain in contact with Kong Han Athlectic Club.

Sifu Andy Chan aka Tacio have been training in ngo cho kun since 1977 at Heng
Han Athletic Institute under the late Sifu Lo King Chiok (younger
brother of Sifu Lo King Hui of Kong Han). Under the tutelage of Master
Ang Ing Hua, Andy's ngo cho kun skill level was exceptional, he was
active in many public performances and competitions.


In 1981 he was chosen to be part of his University school team at University of the
East competing in the national Tae Kwon Do tournament.

Andy is a strong believer in tradition and the effectiveness of ngo cho
kun, this conviction has continue to be with him to this day in
continuing our master's task and legacy of passing ngo cho kun to the
next generation.


Sifu Andy Chan's experience, skill and maturity has earn him the 7th O-Duan.

陳浩綿 O Duan VII 2010



Instructor Bryan Lancelot Kun 

鄞海華 O-Duan VI 2016

Instructor Nigel Poulton

華刚虎 O Duan VI 2016

Instructor Andre Tigchelaar

安德烈 O-Duan IV 2012

Instructor Abigail Kun

  O-Duan V 2016

Instructor Erlend Kristofferssen

銀虎 O-Duan V 2013

Instructor Joan Kun

琼 O-Duan IV 2019

Instructor Benetta Abraham

安玉鶴 O Duan IV 2019

Instructor Victor Chow

虎 O-Duan IV 2019

Instructor Devan Kraushar

華萬虎 O Duan V 2019

Jr. Instructor Elaine Abraham

安愛龍 O Duan III 2019

Instructor Zhihong Oon

温仙拳 O Duan II 2016

Instructor Thai Phan

泰漢 O Duan II 2013

Instructor Simon Abraham

安星龍 O Duan II 2017

Instructor Anne Abraham

安煌鶴 O Duan II 2018

Instructor Gilbert Lee

李偉漢 O Duan II 2018

Instructor Paul Meyer 

枚泰山 O duan II 2018

Instructor Matthew Mylrea

馬武漢 O Duan III 2019

Instructor Allen Wong

黃浩堡 O Duan II 2019

Jr. Instructor Dilan Kraushar

華天龍 O Duan II 2019

Jr. Instructor Donovan Kraushar

華天虎 O Duan I 2019

Jr. Instructor Sarah Wong

黃盛榮 O Duan I 2019



2024 February 18 Chinese New Year Parade Vancouver City Chinatown BC Canada

2023 July 1 Canada Day Celebration with nationwide drumming from the different cultures here in Canada


2023 May 27 Can Am Championship

2021 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Assn.Canada

A not-for-profit assn. that promotes the legacy, history and heritage of Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu integrating it into the multi cultural heritage of Canada.






*Humility, respect and the preservation of the art of ancient weapons and empty hand forms of 

Goh Cho Kun kung fu.


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Spoken language in English and Hokkian  闽南语 language

*The discipline the mind, body and spirit.*For physical health, motor development  that is ngo cho kun kung fu based. 

*The development of practical self defense through the exercise of traditional ngo cho kun kung fu hand and weapon forms.

*The development of self confidence, love of country and good moral character

*The development to become successful career ngo cho kun  instructors.

* To maintain a quality standard, integrity and prestige of Kong Han Goh Cho Kun through credible programs.

March 8, 2017 Carver Christian High Grade 8's Kung Fu Sports Day


2017 Jan. 21 Chinese New Year Parade at Vancouver Chinatown

Goh Cho and Hung Gar kung fu buddies. 2016 Chinese New Year Parade