Book I Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Fundamentals

by: Sifu Henry Lo and Sifu Daniel Kun

The first of a series of books; Book I contains the history of Ngo Cho Kun, history of Kong Han, fundamentals of Sam Chien empty hand form, Sam Chien two person fighting drill stage, Di Sip Kun, Si Mun Pah Kat, weapons Da Dao and weapons short staff form and fighting applications and Lei Tai sport sparring.

Finally, the heritage, tradition and history of Ngo Cho Kun properly preserve in this book and succeeding books for future generations making sure that the rich history of Ngo Cho Kun will not be lost and will always be remember.

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A 304 page book size 8 1/2 x 11" Book II continues to share the history of Goh Cho Kun as to how it is today separating facts from myth covers the functionality of sang te pi (sai) and dagger weapons, the empty hand Sip Di and the concept of Goh Cho soft techniques the Jiu Sut as well as drills and the wholeness of Goh Cho Kun.

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Da Dao 大刀 (Big Blade) and Goh Tsio Kuhn (five foot staff )   

Song Sui hand form 雙 綏 

















Goh Toh Tim Taoh and Single Dagger  

五肚勝頭 and 單匕首







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