Book I Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Fundamentals

by: Sifu Henry Lo and Sifu Daniel Kun

The first of a series of books; Book I contains the history of Ngo Cho Kun, history of Kong Han, fundamentals of Sam Chien empty hand form, Sam Chien two person fighting drill stage, Di Sip Kun, Si Mun Pah Kat, weapons Da Dao and weapons short staff form and fighting applications and Lei Tai sport sparring.

Finally, the heritage, tradition and history of Ngo Cho Kun properly preserve in this book and succeeding books for future generations making sure that the rich history of Ngo Cho Kun will not be lost and will always be remember.

Cost: US$35.95 + shipping.

Instructional- distant training programs to reach all those who are interested to learn KH ngo cho kun no matter where in the world they may be, through these home made DVD videos prepared and presented by Sifu Daniel Kun. US$20.00 each Vol. 1 - 5, Vol. VI US$35.00 and Vol VII $30 each + shipping cost included. Kong Han members discount please email for more details.

The video features a systematical movement of forms in slow motion to make it easier for the viewer to learn and catch the movements. It also includes actual speed.

Video I Sam Chien "Body, Mind and Spirit" approximate running time $20.00

30 minutes


Sam chien (three battles), systematic slow motion, and full motion.

Sam chien technique applications

sam chien two person set sparring drill

Why muscle tensioning and deep breathing "qi"

Video II "Heaven, Earth and Spirit" approximate running time 42 minutes $20

1. Tien Te Lien Chien

2. Tien Te Lien Chien aaplication

3. Di dip Kun form

4. Di Sip Kun two person

5. Di Sip Kun application

Video III Si Mun Pah Kat ;  Four Doors Hitting Corners $20

approximate running time 20 minutes

1. si mun pah kat (four doors directional) hand form

2. si mun pah kat set sparring drill

3. si mun pah kat technique interpretation

Video IV  Sang Te Kwai ( twin short crutches) $20

approximate running time 15 minutes

Weapon, sang te kwai ( baton w/ L-handle or tonfa )

1. Form

2. Application and interpretation

Video V  Sang Te Pi 短鞭 $20

approximate running time 19 minues

Weapon, sang te pi ( double sai )

1. Form

2. Application and interpretation

Vol. VI Da Dao 大刀 (Big Blade) and Goh Tsio Kuhn (five foot staff )    = $35.00

Vol. VII Song Sui hand form 雙 綏

1. Solo form

2. Two person drill set

3. Actual applications




















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*Other hand and weapon forms are available upon request base on qualification.

Work shop and seminars are also available 


The author is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury that may result from practicing the techniques and/ or following the instruction given within. Training under a qualify ngo cho kun instructor is advisable.


Full set, right photo close up of the right crest.

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